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A key to the meteoric growth of the Max Group, has been its focus to go beyond industry standards of service, consistency in quality and an ability to develop unique products. To this end, and early in the company’s development, Max Group invested heavily in one of the biggest sample and development rooms in the ladies footwear industry. From this facility, thousands of new products are launched every season.

In 1998, Max launched a wet blue tannery in Shangdong province, followed shortly by a finishing plant alongside the main production facility in Dongguan. This provides the Group and its partners with an exclusive source of new high quality leathers and source materials. Today, the Max Group maintains a higher level of control over its core raw materials than virtually any other manufacturer in the world.

In 2010, the Max Group opened a new state of the art production facility in Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi Province, in southwest China, which is also the permanent site of the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Expo. This new facility will expand the company’s output as well as enable greater efficencies in the production of higher volume shoe designs. This will allow the existing manufacturing facilities to continue to develop its focus on high specification shoes that are produced in smaller runs.


By 2006, the Group realized the need to integrate design into the customer service process. The Max Creative Studio was launched to make Max Group the first Chinese footwear facility to commit to a long-term, leading-edge design studio, completely based in China.

Franco Cicciola, formerly with Kenneth Cole and Nine West, leads a diverse team comprising ten nationalities to deliver hundreds of new lasts and constructions every season. Today, the design team is an integral part of the Max Group, allowing customers to benefit from a fully integrated process: from concept, design, through raw material development to production and delivery to market.