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Founded in 1994, the Max Group is a focused organization, built from the ground up to deliver on its core business of the design, development and manufacture of premium quality, designer ladies footwear. In addition, the company has a high level of vertical integration to ensure it achieves its goal of delivering the best quality products in the world.

Over the last 16 years, it is a strategy that has allowed the Max Group to become a recognized leader within the global shoe industry. Today, Max Group is more than a dozen companies, comprised of over 8,000 people, making and selling more than 17 million pairs of shoes every year.

From its headquarters in southern China, Max Group is at the leading edge of a new wave of companies that is looking forward to the next 20 years, aiming to build a global corporation with reach, scale and sustainability.


Max Group believes that business is about partnership and the closer the partnership the better opportunities and challenges can be managed. The Max Group takes the long view on its relationships with its customers, suppliers and partners. Long-term goals are agreed and achieved together for the benefit of all parties.